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StrokeAnalyzer helps you develop and maintain a better pool stroke. The key to developing a more Perfect Stroke is seeing your stroke and it's imperfections. StrokeAnalyzer can capture your stroke on video and then replay the video. Using markers you can see movements and flaws in your stroke. This is the best way to train your mind and muscles to develop a more perfect stroke. Stroke Training tools and Break speed analysis also included.

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StrokeAnalyzer Features:

  • StrokeAnalyzer does not require an expensive video camera or frame grabber hardware. StrokeAnalyzer can capture up to 4 video streams from a standard USB webcam or video camera.

  • Live video to help setup the video webcam/camera prior to video recording.

  • Video playback with special markup tools to see and analyze the flaws in your stroke. Synchronized video playback when using multiple cameras.

  • You can use marker tools (3 line types, freehand, rectangle, ellipse, text and angle measurement) to reference parts or your stroke to aid in identifying imperfections and flaws.

  • Playback options allow for frame by frame analysis. Play, pause and rewind the video. Step forward or reverse through the video using buttons or manual slider control. Zoom and Pan controls provide close up viewing.

  • Ability to save and playback video files in either AVI or WMV format.

  • Grab and save video image with markers to jpg file or save video with markers.

  • Break Speed analysis to determine your breaking speed.

  • Revolutionary Stroke Training Tools.

  • Stroke acceleration measurement and analysis. With an inexpensive hardware addition, StrokeAnalyzer can measure your stroke acceleration in 3 axis.

  • StrokeAnalyzer has built in Help files to aid in understanding how to use the program as well as examples showing how to capture and analyze your stroke.

  • The simple user interface allows you to focus on stroke analysis rather than the software operation.

The BEST way to develop and improve your pool stroke

Last update Mar 16, 2019